Welcome to Kay's playful world!

Kay Vincent, busy mum of two children and a dog, grew up in the countryside in a little village called Bobbington in the West Midlands. She moved to London to study her MA at The Royal College of Art in 2003 and has lived & worked there ever since. Kay has enjoyed being a print designer for kids fashion, and more recently enjoying kids book illustration & creating prints that bring life to nursery & kids bedroom walls. Kay finds inspiration in her treasured collection of vintage kids books & other retro bits and bobs, and has a fascination with all of the amazing creatures that we share our planet with, great and small. Sharing our world with all these wonderful creatures makes everything a bit more magic.

Her print collection includes educational & unique art prints designed for families to hang in the nursery, bedroom or playroom. These bold & colourful prints offer story telling potential & encourage the use of imagination. They make wonderful new baby or birthday gifts for friends & family, many of them can be personalised with name & birth details.
Each character is given real personality, & naturally bring smiles to children faces, & fun loving adults alike!

Kay's small business cares about the world we live in & want's to be as eco friendly as possible. All of her packaging is recyclable, she only make prints to order & products can be kept forever or recycled.

Thank you for shopping small!

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